Short Video clips are available on demand, choose from Exclusive selection of videos from Glamour, Bollywood, Fashion Shows, Celebrity, Astrology, Recipe, Cartoons, Humor, Cricket and many more interesting categories. Clips available from Rs 5.
Ever felt desperate to find your favorite song, and got frustrated of its non availability. Well now you have BSNLLive, Where you can choose from thousands of songs from Bollywood, Regional, Rock, Bhakti and Religious genres. Full length songs available from INR 15.
Now be the part of the action where ever you go. Carry your virtual world with you. A bouquet of exotic multiplayer and single player action, racing, strategy and adventure games. A never before experience of virtuality of reality. Games available from INR 35.
Often bored by the long waiting hours at the airport, Train stations and long queues, and just wished you could pass time watching your favorite movie, then the BSNLLive Movie is just the section for you. Watch the popular movies in digital clarity right in your mobile. Watch latest blockbusters at INR 25.
Decorate your mobile with ultrasharp images and wallpapers. Make your phone come alive and resonate like an extension of likings and personalities. Wallpapers available from INR 5.
How to access

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For accessing the BSNLLive services you need to have APN settings for BSNL Live and BSNL Stream. You can get these settings on your mobile in one of the following ways.
  • All the settings required to access 'BSNL Live' & avail different services on 'BSNL Live' are pushed to your handset by BSNL.
  • You can also ask for the settings by sending <manufacturer name> space <model name> of your handset to 58355 by SMS e.g. <Nokia> space <N79> i.e. Nokia N79 to 58355. After you send the SMS you will in response get several settings on your handset viz. 'bsnllive', 'bsnlstream' etc.
  • You can reach BSNL Customer care at Toll Free numbers 1503(from BSNL numbers).